Series 910

Professional Grade Call Center Headset

The brand new 9 Series is all about strength and comfort combined in a unique and stylish design. Packed with the latest audio tech and revolutionary ergonomic designs, the 910 is the definition of engineering excellence.


Wireless DECT Headset for 

Telephone and USB

The newest wireless headset system DW1 connects to both office deskphone and PC via USB jack. Using standard DECT profile and GAP compatible, its acoustic perform-ance is unparalleled in the market.

Series 610 Mark II

Unbreakable, Highly-Durable Call Center Headset Revamped

The most popular headset has a new look. The indestructable 610 Mark II is the perfect combination of toughness and beauty. Keeping the mantle of the "strongest headset in the world" is not easy, but we are able to do it again.

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