Compatibility Guide


Simply enter the telephone or audio processor (amplifier) brand, choose from the drop-down menu for the correct model number, click search and you will see the results of the proper headset pairing and accessories to purchase. Make sure you choose the correct quick-disconnector if you already own an Accutone headset. All headsets produced after 2012 uses the QD5. If you cannot find your brand/model below, please send any enquiry here.

Accutone Headset:

CM Series = Computer Headset with 3.5mm Plug (Dual Plug, 3-Poles) 

DT Series = DECT-phone Headset with 2.5mm Plug

T Series = Telephone Headset with RJ-9 Modular Plug

UC Series = Unified Communication Headset with USB Connectivity

USB Series = USB Headset 

Dedicated Port: Does the telephone come with a headset port

QD3: Version of bottom cable in QD3 connector to buy

QD5: Version of bottom cable in QD5 connector to buy

Lexsus: Universal bottom cable, if position is not listed, please try all positions