A newest member of the USB Multimedia Series from Accutone®, the Series 100 is yet another highly cost-competitive headset for SOHO and call centeres alike. Equipped with dual 40mm voice-centric loudspeakers, UB101 of Series 100, is perfect for a range of applications such as Skype, voice-recognition software, music as well as gaming.


Designes for commercial use, UB101 comes with an all-directional microphone designed for excellent reception and ultra voice clarity. Aside from acoustics, this headset combines comfort with functionality, with it large leatherette ear-cushions yet ultra-lightweight headband, it is so comfortable that users soon forget they are wearing a headset.


Comes in two models: the analog model connects via dual 3.5mm plugs, designed for sound cards as well as other multimedia devices. The digital model is driver-free, plug-and-play USB solution that comes with a digital volume control with LED indicators. The inline control includes volume up/down buttons, and both speaker mute and microphone mute. User can make quick audio adjustments without fiffling with your computer settings. 


UB101 supports PC as well as Mac for business applications, but it also supports gaming platforms like PS4 and other console that supports generic USB drivers.

Series 100 Communication Headset

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  • Series 100 is a versatile communication headset designed for multi-media, multi-platform and multi-interface usage. Minimalistic in design the Series 100 headset houses a pair of high-quality 40mm loudspeakers with wideband output for music as well as conversation. Together with an all-directional ultra voice clarity microphone, this has been the number one choice for general usage in call centers since its launch. Perfect for work or personal usage, UB101 is also widely a popular choice for home entertainment like watching youtube or gaming. 

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