A standard inline USB headset offers better sound performance and convenience, but for users who are looking for flexibility, the Accutone® AU300 is the perfect solution. By connecting Series 800 (3.5mm version) or any PC headset with dual-3.5mm plugs, users can enjoy all the features and functions of an USB headset. 

In some business, users with high-end multimedia speakers or desktop microphone will now be able to connect them to the AU300 for USB performance and interactive controls. The AU300 is also a perfect product for special applications which involve audio devices with a 3.5mm connector like public announcement systems or voice-recognition input devices.

The AU300 comes with microphone mute and digital volume control that supports Windows, Mac and Linux, driver-free.

AU300 Dual 3.5mm Plugs to USB Adaptor

SKU: ZA-AU1030
$19.00 Regular Price
$9.50Sale Price
  • The AU300 is one of the few products in the market designed for flexibility in niche audio applications. It allows conversion of any 3.5mm devices, both reception (speaker) and transmission (microphone) to USB connectivity. This proves useful for computers that no longer offer dual-3.5mm ports to connect to special devices that only supports separate 3.5mm paths. On top of such unique applications, the AU300 is also a convenient tool for converting PC headsets into USB performance.

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