For business users who need to concentrate on their voice calls, Accutone® is launching the BT1000, the first lightweight stereo bluetooth headset. Striking the perfect balance between mobility and performance, BT1000 is light and comfortable enough for the most frequent business travelers, yet it is powerful and reliable enough for the most important business calls.


Compatible with your smartphone, tablet and notebook, the BT1000 is one headset for multiple wireless connections. A full charge will last you 6 hours continuous talk-time, but recharging is fairly quick and convenient via micro-USB jack. Simple digital controls allows interactive volume adjustments, answer/end calls and Siri activation when using any iOS devices. 


Different from most bluetooth headsets in the market, BT1000 is 100% professional grade, despite it being wireless. Using two proprietary Voice-Enhancing 28mm loudspeakers and a premium-grade passive Noise-Cancelling microphone in a uniquely designed single chamber microphone housing, the acoustics meets the strict requirements of call centers. Other features, typical of Accutone’s standards, includes extendable headband, bendable and rotatable microphone boom, comfortable foam/leatherette ear cushions.

BT1000 Stereo Bluetooth Business Headset

  • BT1000 is one of the best stereo bluetooth business headset in the market. With professional-grade noise-cancelling microphone, this wireless headset is capable of crystal-clear voice communication, even in the noisiest environments.

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