Traditionally, all telephone headsets connect to telephones via the handset ports. The handsets are either removed or connected to an amplifier or adaptor to remain functional. However, different handsets have different pin-alignments to the telephone units. So in order to properly connect to the telephones, headsets have to have different pin-alignments as well.

Today, most telephones come with headset ports, but still the alignments are different across different brands. This is why Accutone® offers their headsets with QD (Quick Disconnectors). The top half of the headsets are the same across all models, but the bottom cables come in different settings and alignments.

Some cables like the Lexsus I or Lexsus II, offer universal alignment by selection switches. However, most users only ever configure their headset once, and such universal cable may not be required. In order to choose a pre-set bottom cables, we encourage users to visit our compatibility chart.

QD Bottom Cable

  • Accutone bottom cables are a fundamental accessory for any T-series headset. Aside from straight-cable option, most telephone headsets comes with the top half only. Selecting the right bottom cable requires knowledge of the telephone system being used. Visiting our compatibility chart will offer compatible cable options. Universal cables such as Lexsus I or Lexsus II are also an option if the exact telephone brand is unknown.

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