There is absolutely no debate when it comes to choosing the toughest headset for the harsh environments of call centers. The 610 series from Accutone® is by-far the most popular professional headset the company has ever build. Tested time after time against the best headsets from the other two competitive brands, the 610 always come out on top in terms of acoustics, reliability and durability.

Acoustically, the 610 is the only headset to house an astonishing 40mm wideband loudspeaker. Paired with the company famous proprietary noise-canceling microphone, the 610 is designed specifically for noisy environments. Structurally, most parts of the headset use hexagon shapes to ensure the strongest strength against bending and damage. In terms of comfort, the headset comes with a large high-grade leatherette ear cushion to minimize fatigue and discomfort from long shift hours.

610 comes with ASP, compatibile with USB or UC (Lync) versions.

Series 610 Call Center Headset

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  • The Series 610 is the strongest headset ever-built by Accutone, or perhaps by any other manufacturers. The hexagon headband shape is unique to Accutone's design and allow the best structural strengths. Using 40mm loudspeakers and premium-grade leatherette, its performance and comfort level is as impressive as it is durable.

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