The 910 Series from Accutone® is an entirely new series of professional-grade headsets for offices, corporations and call centers. Position only slightly below the luxurious 1010 series, 910 emphasizes on durability and comfort without compromising elegance and design. Packed with the latest engineering know-how and is designed for both general offices' needs of style and call-center's needs of structural strength, Series 910 is the new flagship product of Accutone.


The 910 is truly a cut above most headsets in the market. The 28mm loudspeakers are built from the latest proprietary wideband HD acoustic technology, while the microphone utilizes a Gen-3 Unibody single-chamber design, maximizing its noise-cancelling abilities.


Certainly the most ergonomic and comfortable headset from Accutone, and perhaps the best in the market, Series 910 has a unique stylish design which is both lightweight and durable. The headband follows Lexsus 1010's dual-tone band design, highlighting the contrast colors of metal and black plastics. Structurally, the 910's body uses Accutone's unique hexagon design, ensuring strongest geometric strength.


Last but not least, 910 comes with in either high-density ear-foam or Premium-Grade leatherette ear cushions. Aside from being extremely comfortable during long conversations, the leatherette cushion design greatly enhance audio performance as well.

Series 910 Professional Grade Call Center Headset

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  • The 910 is the definite choice for professional users looking for a quality tool to enhance their work productivity. Jam-packed with the latest technologies and features from Accutone, the 910 series headsets look and feel amazing when compared to most headsets in the market. Design-wise, it looks unique and stylish, but every detail is deliberate. The Shifted-Axis of the headset body allows strength meanwhile relieving most pressure and tension away from the user's ears. Series 910 also has the best noise-cancellation ability with its Gen-3 unibody microphone design.

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