Finally, a new breed of CC&O headset worthy of the name “Noise Cancelling”. Trust us when we say you have never seen this before.

Accutone® is proud to introduce DeepOceanTM, a ground-breaking technology that can actively remove more than 90% of any environmental noise up to more than 30dB at any given moment.

Built into the top-end Lexsus model, the 1010 Pro|NC USB headset is equipped with two high-end microphones, one for audio pick-up and the other one for removing background noise, no matter how loud or how close the noise is. Powered by our proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing), the DeepOcean-equipped ProNC headsets are simply the most powerful noise-cancelling headsets you can find in the market.

1010 Pro|NC comes in both monaural and stereo versions, no software or drivers required. Simply plug the headset into any Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating system and instantly enjoy crystal-clear voice-reception and industry-leading noise-cancelling transmission.

1010 Pro|NC Active Noise Canceling Headset

  • The Lexsus 1010 Premium-Grade communication headset now comes in PRO|NC version, utilizing Accutone's proprietary DeepOcean Active Noise Cancelling Technology, it can drastically reduce up to 30dB noise from the environment. Comes in Monaural and Binarual version.

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