Evolution of the Accutone Logo

Our distinctive logo is recognised over the world on Accutone website, adverts and products. It has also undergone a few changes over the last two decades. The earliest version of the Accutone logo was introduced in 1995, the timeline below captures some of the key moments in our logo's history.


When Accutone Technologies Limited was founded back in 1995, the slogan “Clearer Communicat-ion Brings People Closer” became the backbone of the logo. The capi-tal “C” was inspired by the moon eclipse, it also stands for Clearer & Communication.

Back then, Accutone was a small OEM manufacturer and they didn't have their own product line, this logo was never used on any of their OEM products.


Accutone's first registered logo. A new logo was created to celebrate Accutone's first branded CC&O headset in 2002. (Cont... Evolution of Accutone Logo) The symbol on the left is a symbolic headset. This logo was white on black or orange, has been used on Accutone's products from 2002-2007.


A revamp of the Logo with a touch of 3D effect. This logo will go on to represent the CC&O line-up during its later years.


Overlapping with its predecessor, the newest iteration started out as the logo for the Audio product line-up, but has since become the only official logo across all products. The logo consists of a device with an iconic speech bubble insider the letter “a” - for Accutone, of course. Font style for the wordmark is a unique style of San Serif with the last letter “e” being an upside down “a” to make it geometrical, paralogical and symmetrical.


Since 2012, the Accutone logo has an alternative form with its speech bubble device going solo. This app-lication is mainly for placing on products, as you can find this simplistic yet memorable logo on most of our products now.

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