HKSAR Establishment Day

It has been 18 years since 1st July 1997, the date transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China. Since then, a lot of Hong Kong citizens get asked the same question a lot from foreigners. “Has Hong Kong changed since 1997?”

In certain aspect the answer is yes. On 1st July 1997, the first change was the flag, The British national flag has been used in Hong Kong for over a century.

After the handover, instead of using the China national flag, China government authorized Hong Kong to have their own flag - HKSAR flag. The pattern is Bauhinia Blakeana, a tree commonly found in Hong Kong.

Also, the name “Royal” has been removed in many organizations, The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club is now Hong Kong Jockey Club, RSPCA is now SPCA, Royal Hong Kong Police is now Hong Kong Police. Speaking of the Hong Kong Police, did you know there was a picture of Queen Elizabeth II in every police station before the handover? Those were removed on 1st July 1997!

You can still easily find the trace of the history, notice anything on the pillar box below?

(Credits: Azwari Nugraha)

Above samples were immediate changes, there are also gradually changes such as the coins with Queen’s head are still legal in Hong Kong. But a good tip is if you see one, keep it to yourself as they do not produce them anymore, it might worth a lot of money in 50 years time!

Hong Kong is a unique city. For example, 1st July is Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, on one side there were fireworks display, people celebrating. On the other side, tens of thousands of protester attends the Hong Kong 1st July protests. To voice out their messages to HK government. The record was set on 2003, there were 500,000 marchers, back then the population in HK was around 7 Million!

In a business point of view, Hong Kong is still one of the safest city, most HK people speaks more than two language, they play an important role in connecting east and west. The economy and the law systems are mature, investors were attracted to this lovely place, if you still haven’t been to Hong Kong, you don’t know what you are missing !

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