Helicopter Drones: Part 1

Drones have been a hot topic everywhere. Last year alone, there have been numerous reports and headlines on the news about Helicopter Drone accidents. Even the White House and President Obama are linked to these news, as twice already have helicopter drones crash landed within the presidential premise the past six months.

Yet, crashes are not as frequent as it once were, believe it or not. Just ten years ago, anyone rich enough to own a helicopter drone will most likely crash within a few seconds on their first flight, whether they have been trained or not.

But now, it seems like even any kid from elementary school can enjoy flying a heli-drone flawlessly. This is mainly due to the improvement of the Gyroscope, one of the most crucial and valuable electronic parts in any drone. It is a multiple dimension sensor that detect the finest motion or posture changes on the drone and fix it within milliseconds.

Besides the shell, rotors and the electronic circuit board, what’s left inside a drone is just the battery - the biggest and heaviest component. But if you take apart the batte-ry compartment, you might be surprised or somewhat disappointed that it is rather empty for such an expensive gadget.

Rest assured this is not a scam. The answer lies in the fact that the quality of battery takes a great effect on performance and flight time. In fact, drone battery utilizes some of the latest technology in power-management. It is capable of handling high current without overheating, has automat-ic power discharge, and high efficiency vs its weight.

Since a drone won’t fly without its battery, a helpful advice is that one battery usually last about 20 minutes of flying, so prepare enough backup batteries before your next trip!

To be continued...See you next month.

(Image Credits: Don McCullough)

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