Helicopter Drones - Part 2

Helicopter Drone Aerial Filming

Hi everyone, welcome back to another exciting lesson about helicopter drones.

Have you ever been to a place so beautiful that you wish you can capture that moment with your own perspective? Perhaps filming that polar bear on the iceberg floating, or wildlife watching in the rainforest. How about a search and rescue in the deepest jungle in South America? In the past, these are merely scenes from watching discovery channel on TV, but now, now you can do it with a drone.

Helicopter drones, like any UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is the best surveillance tool under extreme conditions. The pilot sits miles away controlling the drone on the ground, far from any danger. But these newer drones are even better, because they are affordable for making these dangerous attempts, at a few thousand dollars or less.

A high quality camera and precise stabilizer system can record almost everything from one hundred meters high as if its from a hawk’s eye. The feeling that nothing can escape your sight is truly an amazing experience.

This technological advancement which resulted with the popularization of cheap helicopter drones have truly given many the opportunity for aerial filming.

Imagine the costs of renting a helicopter, a pilot, a camera man, assistant crews and various equipments. On top of that, there’s the risk of lives and property damage, which is a big part of the unpredictability of aerial filming.

This is precisely why filming with drones are quickly becoming a trend, not just for amateurs, but for professionals. If you take a closer look, you will see amazing aerial shots from TV shows, news and of course movies, previously rare to see.

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