20 Things Turning 20: Part 2

Continuing with last month's anniversary article, here's the remaining 11th to 20th things turning twenty.

11. Apple’s Mac. The top image is what a high-end computer looks like in 1995 - specifically - the Power Macintosh 7200. Shown below is what the latest Power Macintosh in 2015 looks like.

12. Memory. Storage hardware specs back then for RAM is 8MB vs today’s 8GB. Standard hard-disks were 1GB vs today’s 1TB, also a thousand times bigger. (Photo Credits: Jigsawphoenix)

13. Networking. In 1995, two years into the internet era, 28.8kbit/s modems are the latest technology; whereas today, most PCs are equipped with Gigabit ethernet, capable of 100Mbit/s. (Photo Credits: Frédéric BISSON)

14. Cloning. Dolly the sheep was born on 5th July this year, marking the giant leap in cloning technology. Fortunately, human cloning still not on the horizon in 2015. (Photo Credits: Micolo J)

15. Starbucks. Did you know that their famous Frappuccino is turning twenty this year?

16. Michael Jackson. Billboard No.1 hits for September 1995 was MJ’s “You Are Not Alone.”

17. Automobile. BMW 325i was voted by Car and Driver as the top-ten car of the 1995. A 3.0 6-inline engine top out at 240hp, the 5-speed sedan is still an all-time classic.

18. Online Dating. It’s hard to believe match.com has been connecting potential soulmates for twenty years already. (Photo Credits: Dave W)

19. Movies. The Oscars - 67th Academy Award for Best Motion Picture goes to...Forrest Gump - with Tom Hanks.

20. Online Shopping. AuctionWeb, a website designed by Pierre Omidyar to help sell off his fiancée’s collection went live on September 3rd. This website would go on and become one of the most successful auction website in the world, perhaps you know it by another name: eBay.

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