M1000 Series

A while ago, we introduced the L400 headset for tablet and USB connection here at the Accutone Gazette. We didn’t expect such huge demand for it, so we are super excited to launch yet another headset for the same purpose.

The M1000 headset is a direct descen-dent of our flagship Lexsus 1010 head-set. Sharing the same sturdy hexagon architecture design, M1000 has all the adjustable nodes designed to fit every head size and shape. Yet, the biggest difference is its weight. M1000 is significantly lightweight, since it serves a big purpose for mobile usage on tablets or notebooks.

Same with L400, M1000 is a dual-purpose headset. It comes default with a 3.5mm plug, CTIA pin-aligned, to fit perfectly with iPhones, iPads and most android devices as well. When connected to the 3.5mm-USB adaptor, M1000 instantly converts into a high-quality stereo USB headset. The inline audio control allows volume adjustments and mute.

Comes with bendable microphone boom, M1000 uses passive noise-cancelling capability, but when custom ordered, it can support dual-mic active noise cancellation as well.

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