How Color Makes Work Better - 310 MKII

Working in a call center as an agent is stressful and boring, s/he could be exhausted everyday.

The challenge is too many angry clients exhaust the agents every day. By the end of their work day, call centers agents feel beaten down, frustrated and angry. They are angry at callers for being so rude and inconsiderate. They are angry at the company for not doing enough to help them work easier.

This very common challenge occurs for three main reasons. First, products or billing have been unreliable lately and more clients than usual are upset when they call. Second, the process by which clients contact the center is faulty, filled with long hold times for the client. The third reason is that the agents themselves are causing many of the clients to become frustrated and lash out at them.

We will focus on the third reason for these critical problems.

No one likes to believe that they are the cause of a problem. Unfortunately, in some centers, it is the reality. Working in a call center could be boring, repetitive and lack of motivation. CSM (Customer Service Management) probably provide many effective training to agents to improve, yet small changes to the agent’s tools help.

As opposed to the executive all-black color, using a color headset differentiates one agent from another. Color influences emotions. If a call center manager makes good use of different colors headsets, e.g. Accutone customized 310MKII headset, it reinforces an agent’s self-esteem, “I am unique, I make quality calls”. This small thing adds colors to the agent’s work too. Red color brings passion, stimulation to agent emotion. Grey is calm and emotionally safe. Gold lifts our spirits and our self-esteem, it is the color of confidence and optimism.

Customized headsets build team spirit, agents of the same corporation or unit wear same color of headset, whilst a different unit wears another color. This increases the agent sense of belonging.

Customized headsets can be used to represent hierarchy amongst call centers agents, for example, gold color, silver, bronze, and so on.

This small change to the tools costs the minimal (310MKII headset RRP USD74-USD89).

Email to for a free sample and/or more details.

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