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Being a driving instructor can be a dangerous job, sitting in a moving vehicle next to a person with only provisional driving license could lead to injuries or even death.

Other than the driving instructor, learner driver could be a hazard to other road users and pedestrians too! especially if it was the first time they got their hands behind the wheel.

How to avoid the leaner driver running into a tree, a car a pedestrians or anything else, whether he is on purpose or not? The answer is simple and you probably have guessed it, adding a break on the passenger side which allows the instructor to stop the vehicle in case of an emergency.

In a call center, a trainee can never become an agent without the experience, and to get their experience they must answer hundreds or thousands of calls. How to ensure they use the right telephone manners? How to ensure they don’t use inappropriate language when answering their call, from an actual customer?

Recording the conversation is one way, but it is too late if the trainee has already made a fatal mistake. The company could result losing their reputation, a customer, and their business.

The answer is the Y-Cord training cable. Y-Cord simply let user connect two headsets, supervisor can join the call or just listen to the conversation. After the call, supervisor and the trainee can sit down and talk about how the call can be improved. Y-Cord is suitable for trainee who have more experience.

For those trainees with less or no experience, Y-Cord with mute is the solution. Y-Cord with mute allow user to mute the microphone of the headset on one side, or both sides. Supervisor can mute his side to monitor the call, or mute both side to give real time comment to trainee. Of course supervisor can take over the call any time he feel the need of doing so.

Y-Cord starting at just USD$36, for more detail please visit here for more information.

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