The Incredible 610 Hulk

Many of you may be familiar with Marvels comic turned movie, The Avengers. Inside the comic-movie are a bunch of earth’s mighty superheroes teaming up together to defend earth from all the evil conspiracies and alien invasions.

Within the Avengers, the Incredible Hulk stands out as the biggest, strongest and “green-est” hero amongst the gifted bunch. Bruce Banner is his name, a socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved physicist who turns into the green beast once he is provoked and angry. Yet when normal he is just an ordinary citizen, unable to tell the difference between them.

As a boring yet imaginative call centre agent, I always imagine my 610 headset as my chance to become the Hulk once I put it on. Just like the Hulk, the 610 headset is strong, durable, and protective for my calls. It has a hexagon-shape headset architecture designed to be stronger, like the Hulk’s big broad shoulders. Running along those arms are the 40mm wideband loud speakers providing top acoustic sound quality, cushioned by a big pair of leatherette ear muffs.

Although being tough and durable the 610 is just as comfortable with its perfect fit adjustable, extendable headbands and bendable microphone boom. As if Hulk has a soft spot within the beast on the outside, inside he is just looking for someone to share his loneliness just like a headset looking for that perfect fitting head.

Every time I put on the 610 it is as if I can go through all the calls without anything in my way, stampeding through calls by calls smoothly. But at the end of the day when I take the headset off I am back to the normal, socially withdrawn person who is ready to end a day of tiresome work, until of course when I put on another of Accutone in-ear headphones, Captain America here I come!


(Photo Credits: JD Hancock)

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