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Chinese New Year used to be a time for family reunion, which is the most important part of the Chinese New Year tradition.

Since the Chinese economy booms in this decade, Chinese people become well off and choose to celebrate the Chinese New Year abroad instead of staying at home. At least 6 million mainlanders travelled outside of China this CNY, with numerous foreign countries set to benefit greatly from the long holiday.

It means that China's favorite overseas destinations are blessed with considerable Chinese spending. The travelers spent an average of RMB 15,000 (USD2300) per person, gave a total of China’s outbound travel expenditure to RMB 90 billion (USD 14 billion).

Here are top 10 lucky destinations for Spring Festival 2016:

1. Japan 2. Thailand 3. South Korea 4. Taiwan 5. Singapore 6. Hong Kong 7. U.S. 8. Indonesia 9. Malaysia 10. Australia

Chinese tourists flooding into Japan was such a prominent story this year that the term bakugai, or “explosion buying” used to refer to their spending habits, was listed as Japan’s “buzzword of the year”. Called baomai (爆買) in Chinese, the importance of the term is a reflection of the fact that Chinese tourists spending increased threefold in the first quarter of this year, totaling ¥358.1 billion (US$2.9 billion). This marks the most of any nationality at 40.3 percent of the total.

This week, the Japan National Tourism Organization also reported that China is now the number one source of foreign travelers. One may be interested to know what do Chinese tourists buy most in Japan? High-tech toilet seats? No. Rolex watches? Not really. The top 3 best sellers this CNY are:

  1. Condoms

  2. Sanitary Napkins

  3. Cosmetics

China has been the world’s largest source market for outbound travel spending since 2012 and Chinese travelers have been contributing over 13% to the annual revenue of global tourism on average, according to the World Tourism Organization. China has been the global leader in outbound visitor population and overseas spending for the past three years.

However, the Chinese government is alarmed by the outflow of consumption power, there are rumors saying China will limit outbound travel expenditure to RMB100,000 (USD15000) per person, it is bad news to a lot of Chinese as USD15000 is hardly enough to buy one Hermès Birkin bag......

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