No Strings Attached - DW1

March comes along as gloomy as it gets. Rush hour traffic, elevator wait, and race to the door were just the usual workouts. But something was different in the mood at the call centre today, something felt new as if spring has sprung in the air.

As usual, I gathered myself and put on my headset going into my hard working mode. Hours have past and it was time for lunch, excited and all I left my seat and was racing to the door.

Getting ready to relax and enjoy this new found “mood”, I heard a loud dial tone ring and by reflex, I picked up yet another call. That's odd I thought because I was already out of my seat, how was I still able to pick calls. I looked for my Quick Disconnector and found nothing, finally I realized all the time I was using a new DW-1 headset!

“Silly me”, I laughed, as I remembered all agents have just been switched to wireless headsets and it had no difference in quality or reach distance!

Standing there in the aisle, I understood why it felt different today, as out of nowhere she walked towards me. Black long hair, sweet scented smell and big round eyes she had. Turns out she was the new agent starting her first day. I greeted her and asked her to lunch and we had a great time.

Note to self: Always better with no strings attached, if you know what I mean. ;)

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