Marketing Trump

Before this year’s Republican Presidential Nomination election most would know Donald Trump as an American tycoon/ businessman who owns his own Trump tower within Midtown, Manhattan New York. You might remember his signature blonde and wavy-ish hair style? Or you may remember him as the man, who puts his own face on the sticker of his bottled water Trump Ice? Maybe the Apprentice?!

Who knew Trump can be a Politician too? And to think that he actually has a commanding lead in the RPN election is simply bizarre.

Despite continuous controversies against Trump's comments, lies, business ethics and integrity, he has still been able to win states after states. How is he doing that?

Trump, as a successful businessman knows exactly how to, what to and when to do things that can achieve the most benefits for himself. He understands the time of era we are in is dictated by social media, he therefore uses Facebook and Twitter to his fullest advantages, maximizing all levels of exposure.

His background by default, differentiates himself from other Republican candidates but he isn’t content with stopping there. By constantly making outrageous statements, he creates a clear-cut persona for himself. Not afraid to stir trouble or get into arguments, unlike the others, Trump has clearly labeled himself to the entire nation of what kind of a person he is. You may not agree with him, but you can’t ignore him.

“Make America Great Again”, is a simple and clear message Trump often uses in his campaign. The words are simple, similar to the word “Hope” or “Change”, used by Barack Obama, and it’s proven to be very successful. The key is simplicity; it’s so simple that a four year old can understand it.

Mr. Trump is also a fan of creating drama. By doing so he is able to create exposure to hog all of the news reporting time from discussions of any meaningful topic.

At the end of the day, with all the crazy remarks and wild tactics Trump is using to win, many are starting to fear that he might actually win it all. Is he President Material? Or even dependable? So far, all he’s been able to proof perhaps is that he is a great marketer. It’s a sad truth, but politics are nothing more than marketing tactics.

(Photo Credits: Michael Vadon)

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