WL99 - The Lazy Choice

Nowadays everyone is so health cautious, either watching over their diet strictly, balancing work and fun equally or hitting the gym exercising whenever they are free.

For me, the secret (yet lazy) call centre agent, I totally object those ideas. I mean technology nowadays is so upbeat that I am sure in future years we can totally control our weight with a push of a button. As lazy as a pig, I am sure someone will invent something for me because I am certain I am not the only lazy one out there.

How would I know you may ask, well just the other day my co-worker brought me a WL99 Wireless Handset Lifter to pair with my new DW1 Wireless Headset.

What's that you ask, well it allows me to keep my hands free to do whatever I want when an incoming call is calling.

With a push of a button or a lift of my DW1 headset, it automatically lifts the telephone's arm and picks up the call for me. It is as if I have my own personal butler waiting beside me and saying “sir, your call is ready”. It even has a LED indicator to show if there are any connection problems with my headset. How convenient is that!

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