Month of Visits

May is an exciting month for Accutone, as far as records show, that most regional partners have visited us within two-weeks time.

Our Russian partner Mr. Evgeny Kantor visited Accutone twice a year since 2014. The meetings and face-to-face discussions are always very constructive, it helps to strengthen our partnership. This time it was no different, as we shared plans and exchanged market information. Mr. Kantor also brought her beautiful daughter to visit Accutone this time, as this was far more than a business meeting. It was a family gathering served with delicious Chinese tea and dim-sum, the occasion was heartwarming, in which everyone enjoyed the family connection.

One of the most loyal regional partners, Mr. Gyula Horvath from Hungary visited Accutone this month as well. Mr. Horvath has been our regional partner for more than a decade now. He has witnessed our companies’ developments and changes throughout the years and the most valuable thing is, of course, our history of growing together.

For the first time, our Australian distributor Mr. Scott Hampton also came to visit Accutone after having cooperated with the company for more than 5 years. Mr. Hampton was amazed by the company expansion and new products. It's a shame that the visit was short, both sides look forward to seeing each other again in HK or Australia in a few months.

Also for the first time, Mr. Rodriguez, a professional photographer who has done most of our global product shots in the last ten years visited our company. End users, buyers, sales channels and regional partners all loved Andres’ wonderful work. Accutone product shots are widely used in global marketing brochures. We are surely looking forward to more of his works.

An unexpected visitor dropped by, making May full of joy and excitement. Mr. Paulo Manalo was an end user who bought a pair of Taurus in Singapore in 2011, he had problem with the earphones and he emailed the company trying to get a fix, he got instant response and immediate replacement from the company's customer service, he was so impressed by the service. This May Mr. Manalo came to Hong Kong with his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary, they came visiting Accutone to express his gratitude for those wonderful experiences from 5 years ago.

How sweet is that?

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