T3 - The Convenient Space Saver

As a call center agent your work centers mainly on your phone, computer and desk really not much excitement going on. But our company does its best to keep us focused and always equips us with some new, effective accessories and gadgets to help us do our repetitive and boring work.

Just like today when I arrived to work at the call center, I found yet another new accessory on my desk. At first glanced it seemed as those desktop calculators, but then I found that my desktop phone was gone. Being the technology noob that I am, I quickly knocked on my nerdy colleague and asked him what that black accessories was.

“The Accutone T3 Telephone Dialer!” he shouted and continued. “The T3 Dialer has a simple yet durable design and it is basically a telephone terminal designed to pair with a headset instead of a handset. It is a perfect headset solution for small offices and call centers. It also includes ASP protection, 3-levels flash selection, LED-indication, mute and volume controls all the basics to a normal telephone base it also covers.”

After his robotic explanation he sat back down and continued on his calls. I looked at my dialer and was more than satisfied, because finally I had enough room on my desktop to put that enormous Darth Vader mug of mine.

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