UC910 - Black Beauty

It's been a long day. The week has been rough, where everything seems to be going wrong. Life is here again, giving me the beating of a lifetime. My problems are piling up, judgmental parents, unforgiving friends, screw-up at work, taxes are unpaid…heck, even my cat is giving me a hard time.

I swear its Armageddon. My head is already filling up with Steven Tyler's voice screaming the lyrics of Aerosmith's – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. The world as I know it, is coming to an end.

Hungry, exhausted and worn-out, I dragged my seemingly lifeless body and closed my eyes. It's pitch black in my room. Darkness everywhere.

A streak of light passed through my mind, and then I saw her. Yes…she's here again, always forgiving and unconditionally welcoming.

All of a sudden, all outside noise are blocked. Absolute silence.

A smile crossed my face as I plugged the keys into the machine. Her voice is soft spoken, reassuring yet crystal clear. Perfect.

I'm back on my feet again. With her by my side, I am ready to take on the world.

Accutone. The 910 - the very definition of audio engineering's excellence at its finest.

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